Fairytale Places to Visit in Croatia During Winter

Winter is already here and if you plan a short vacation for December, then we strongly recommend you Croatia. You will see below a few fairytale places we have found in this beautiful country, and where you could have a great time in the winter.


Plitvice Lakes

If you are looking for some magical winter landscapes then we suggest you visit the Plitvice Lakes. This park is by far one of the most amazing destinations during the cold season. The lakes are completely frozen and so are the waterfalls, and the whole view is absolutely stunning. Everything that it’s here will certainly be engraved into your memory for a very long time. However, the Plitvice Lakes are very popular no matter the season. People come to visit them all year round, and this surely says a lot about the incredible beauty of this fairytale estate.


Zagreb is the beautiful capital of Croatia, a city that looks amazing in the wintertime. The Zagreb Advent lasts not more and not less than forty days around Christmas and it provides a large range of events. These events will definitely satisfy even the most demanding visitors. There will be many fun activities, extremely delicious food, mulled wine, ice skating, and an overall vibrant holiday atmosphere. This is not everything because once the Advent ends, people can also enjoy several cultural events in which Zagreb has been increasingly investing.


If you are visiting Zagreb and you are looking for a day-trip then we recommend you Medvednica. The world knows this place for its amazing Snow Queen Trophy race, which is being organized every year in December, since 2005. Thanks to its popularity, Zagreb has actually become the only capital in the entire world which has its own ski and racing trail. Skiing while overlooking the beautiful city is without a doubt an unmissable sight.


This is the highest mountain of the Gorki Kotar. This location is ideal for anyone who loves hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. The Bjelolasica is the biggest and most popular ski resort in Croatia and a location that we strongly recommend for your Winter holiday. In addition to all the above activities, there is also sledding, biking, horseback riding, and rafting.


This festivity started 16 years ago with decorating a family yard with all sort of Christmas decorations and lights. Throughout the years, Salajland has become one of the most amazing and popular festivities in Croatia. Besides its 2-million lights, visitors can enjoy at the event excellent food, an ice rink, a Christmas train, and spectacular fireworks.



In conclusion, if you really want to do something different this winter then you should choose Croatia without any hesitation. All the above locations are the ones that most tourists love for this period of the year, and we are pretty sure that you will spend a lovely time with your family in any of them. Therefore, you should not waste precious time and already start to plan your amazing trip to Croatia. Since Christmas is very close this is certainly the best present for you and your family.

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