Get Rid of That Nice Guy Personality and Start Dating More Women

The dating game is like a war zone – you have to be quick on your feet. You do not want to start a sexual dispute amongst your friends if you’re trying to accommodate a beautiful girl into your life. You’re not supposed to be looking at other women in the presence of her.

It’s the same when you’re in the company of a girl. You just want her to like you and think that you’re a really nice guy. This is why you’re still stuck thinking that you’re “that guy” who still thinks he’s with a girl – sorry, who’d have believed it?

Well, it’s high time that you started accepting the fact that you’re a single man, and you have to start confronting yourself. If you think you are still stuck outside, then you ought to start finding out the things that you cannot find pleasure in. You can first boost your confidence by having a date with one of the best escort from

What if you feel Provided you’re still deep in the hole, you’ll proceed with the changes needed to boost your self confidence and leave that “nice guy” persona behind.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone misunderstanding the world of dating. Most, if not all single men are like you, scared to take the first step toward a woman. It’s just that they don’t know the way to do it.

It’s time for all of you to understand the game of dating. It does not matter whether you’re 18 or 68 years old. You still have time to improve.

Now is the best time, and you should follow suit. Ladies should get out of the room, go to places where men do not usually look, and spend some time there. It’s about distance – men feel distance, but not women. If you stay where you are now, you will stay where you are forever.

Let me ask you this way: if you are a woman who has the guts to approach a man, will you, as an answer, stop a guy from walking up to his car because you believe that he will scream the loudest?

I suppose you think that if you do not stop that guy from walking up to his car, he will laugh at you? Men are stupid.

What he will do is look for excuses, safety features, and other things just so he can sleep with you. And you don’t have shame, just take it on!

If you are a woman and you are a mother, stop protecting your boys. Starting from the age of 4, men have been taking advantage of you. Allow them to catch you if they have to, but protect them from everything that comes from you. That includes walking them to school, going to their college, unplanned calls, messages or other forms of contact, and what to do if you’re in a car together.

When you are a mom, what is your solution? Take him to your son, or leave him at home with a bad hand. There are many people who are not ready to be married, and you don’t have the place of being a mother.

Well, not being ready for marriage is not the only issue. There are women who don’t want to be engaged, and they take their time. They are not ready, but they don’t have no one to give it to.

If you are a single mom with kids, prepare them from day one, or you’re just going to leave them at home and go somewhere else. Spice up your sex life, try out new things, as crazy as it may sound. It isn’t enough just having fun at home.

If he is a fruit delivery guy, you don’t need to worry about him teaching your kids to ride a bike. Unlearn the things that make them appreciate the men that are now their fathers, if you have to.

And for men who love their mother, listen to their mother. She has been a confidante for them, and she has the final word. Women, it is just not your thing to be heard. You are full and complete as a woman, do not ever compromise that, it is your property.

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