Top Polish Tourist Attractions

Poland is one of those countries that surprise you with plenty of beautiful places. Even though many people don’t know what Poland has to offer in terms of tourism, this doesn’t mean that this destination is not an important one. Therefore, in order to convince you why this country must be on your to-do list, we will present in this article some of the top Polish tourist attractions.

Tatra Mountains

If you are a mountain lover, then Tatra Mountains will definitely impress you. This is actually the highest mountain range between the Caucasus and the Alps. In the winter, the massive rocky peaks are covered with lots of snow and the view is absolutely magical. There are several picturesque ponds, stunning waterfalls, and wonderful valleys. It doesn’t matter if you are a demanding hiker or skier because you will surely be impressed with the 250 km of trails and the wide range of slopes around here. What we recommend you to do is to stay in Zakopanetown, right at the foot of the mountains.


Many people have no idea how amazing Krakow is. The best thing here that will surely captivate you is the beautiful and unique architecture and the magical atmosphere. In this metropolitan city, you can see lots of medieval cathedrals, Baroque churches, the amazing Renaissance castle, and more. Do not think that this city is limited to museums and monuments, because there are also a great variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops where you can spend a lovely time. The nightlife in Krakow is quite vibrant and tourist will absolutely love it.

Salt Mine in Wieliczka

The salt mine in Wieliczka is another top Polish attraction that you must not miss. The ancient salt mines are actually in operation for about 700 years. This location is described by locals and not only as a fairy tale kingdom of salt. There is a mysterious and extraordinary labyrinth of 300 km of corridors and halls hewn in pure salt. The guided tour allows tourists to see just a short stretch including an amazing salt lake, several caves, and the lovely Queen Kinga’s Chapel.

Masurian Lakes

Anyone who loves hiking, cycling, sailing, and fishing should definitely plan a vacation to Masurian Lakes. This top Polish attraction is very popular and tourists come from every corner of the world. This picturesque land has around 3,000 lakes. Apart from the wonderful water sports you can go for here, you also have the opportunity to explore a multitude of historical places. For example, there are some wonderful castles in Gizycko, Reszel, and Nidzica.


This massive Old Town is built on several islands which are actually connected by more than 100 bridges. Apart from its wonderful and unique location, Wroclaw impresses with a plenitude of Baroque and Gothic architecture. The entire place is a beautiful combination of cultural influences of Poland, Austria, and Germany as well, and that’s why it is so special. All in all, Wroclaw is another excellent top Polish tourist attraction that you should add to your to-do list.

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