Unique things to do in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a place from the picnic point where you can spend your time doing the little things you’ve always said if you’re not too busy.
With spectacular panoramic views of the Great Dividing Range, this stunning picnic spot overlooks the main range and the Rocky Valley. There is also a cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch if you do not have a BYO

Go back in time
At the Kobco Museum in Toowoomba, you can return to the era of carriages and steam locomotives. There are great interactive exhibits and traditional trade shops such as silverware, head coverings, whipping and smithing. Discover the history of Toowoomba, home of the National Carriage Collection, and the era of Australian transportation. Of course, don’t forget to stop by the cafe for scones.

Go to the show
History flows from all the walls, floors and tiles of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Art Deco Empire Theater bathrooms. Australia’s largest local performing arts complex is located under a large proscenium arch, from opera to comedy to musical theaters. Go here and enjoy the culture, walk through the local art gallery.
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Visit the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
A private collection of former residents of Toowoomba, featuring over 400 Australian artwork by artists such as Lionel, Darryl, Ruby Lindsay, Phillips Fox and McCabin.
The exhibition changes every month, so two visits will not be the same. The gallery is dedicated to people who like art of a particular era, such as the Fred and Lucy Gould Art Collection, and is packed with antique furniture, fine porcelain and glassware, gold and silver, and other European, Asian and Australian items. .. From the 1700s to the 1930s.
The City Collection houses 20th-century Australian paintings, drawings, photographs, pottery and jewelry, and exhibits works by local artists.

Follow your nose
Test your botanical knowledge at Laurel Bank Park, one of Toowoomba’s most beautiful activities. Over 4 hectares, it features a well-maintained garden and a huge rug of bright and explosive flowers.
Stop the scent of roses in a fragrant garden and smell it-walk to the center to find it-this is the garden in the garden created by the Downsblind Association for the Blind ..

Laurel Bank Park | Things to do Toowoomba

Combine flowers and banquets for the biggest event of the year.
If you want to visit during the flowering season, please come in September of this year when the Toowoomba Flower Carnival is held for one month every year. From flower parades to side shows, gourmet food tours and live music, there’s plenty to see during the festival, even after the flowers are saturated.
It’s no wonder that this event attracts a lot of people each year, so book your stay in advance and consider how to spend the weekend at the carnival

Visit Queen’s Park
26.3 acres of green space, Toowoomba’s Queen’s Park is in the middle of the city.
Many of the trees imported from Europe, Asia and elsewhere at the time are now large old trees, providing shade and a comfortable resting place underneath. With a large green space and a children’s playground, it’s a great place for a family picnic. It’s not a bad way to spend the day.

Feel the need for speed
Pump adrenaline on the Toowoomba Speedway. From sprint cars to formula 500V8, we have cars of all genres, cars for all enthusiasts and a calendar of different events to choose from.

Go back in time
Toowoomba has many homes that have endured the test of time and is not as symbolic as Queenslander. Walk the Russell Street Historical Walk dating back to the 1860s to find architectural solutions. With 2.5 km of Queenslander and other architectural styles, you can get inspiration for the refurbishment the house you need.

Drink with a view
The wine is Preston Peak Wine and is served at altitude. Located high in the Great Dividing Range and overlooking the Rocky Valley, Preston is 860 meters above sea level and is a great place to admire the scenery. Their collection includes Shiraz and Sericie, which are clearly flavorful due to the cool climate.
The nearby Preston Village Chapel, which has been carefully restored, is also ideal for country weddings in Queensland.

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